Friday, February 1, 2013

Washing Up of the Chains

The Church has spent too much time worrying about the goings on in the bedrooms of others, instead of peeking in at their own. The frustration of the Catholics with souls is evident in a serious attendance drop. The large Papal masses and celebration of Heavenly Sundays should cease. Freeze it until the Devil passes over. Everybody reset themselves and rid the Earth-our magnificent Earth- of anyone out to harm and thrust Sin upon the children.

The grains of enlightenment will then be able to feed us. Only if the hunger lives.

We must supply the millstone for the violators of our children. It is our duty as not only adults, but as people who believe in things being done the right way. Certain men of  the cloth have misread the passages. Priests in trouble for what they have done to the youth of the Church must be the first to go. The sinless children are not the millstone going into the sea with you. You are to go to the sea. The depths of the sea because You have sinned upon the children. God's children. Our children. So it is now the time to begin rounding up these child molesting Clergy and take them to the shores and tie one on them. May the millstone take them far enough down, as to they rest in the very pits of hell which has been eternally waiting for their arrival.

The "Messengers of God" can't even relay the messages of the Book that their very existence is based upon. The frustration lies within all who still worship.

How can faces be looked at themselves?

The ignoring has gone on long enough. Nobody wants to broach the subject that is on everybody's mind. Problem is the religion in the world right now is like a simmering blaze heading straight into the Petrol-fied Forest. Too much opposition to anything. People will disagree just for the sake of disagreeing and that only adds to frustrations. The mindset of the Message has to be put on hold until all minds can try to erase themselves of a savage legacy that has become the once mighty Catholic Church. It will be mighty again. The core of the sector is wonderful and kind and charitable. But loud mouths and louder wallets seem to sway us all safely onto the Beach, away from the fire, for now. But pretty soon we must start seeing the tide bringing up the much too shallow seas. The sin must be released of us all who have not done more to protect.

Not meant to preach. Just a thought that's been weighing on us all.

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