Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favre's Last Stand? God I Hope So...

Have you had enough? I know I have. Wrangler commercials and a daily ass-kissing fest on ESPN. All-time great QB nearing the end and my boys, "The G-Men", are going to end this prima donna's career again. Remember Corey Webster (Giants CB) caught Brett's last Packer pass. "Mr.Lambeau" was not "cold" like they were saying, he was getting beat up by an underrated Giants D. Same D that knocked Brady all over that desert in Glendale to snag our 3rd Lombardi Trophy.

Retire? Don't know yet? Favre is starting to look every bit the grandfather he is. One too many seasons. Great season last year was trumped by a patented late INT in New Orleans. Should have hung em up. Vindicated his shitty stint with that- green team that just can't seem to build their own goddamn stadium- Jets. But he couldn't stay away. Perhaps his family drives him so nuts that he'd rather go out on Sundays and get beat to a pulp than go fishing with "junior". Maybe he has a backyard football game in a pair of rugged Wrangler Jeans while stepping out of a pickup. You've made your dough. Just relax and enjoy doing nothing. And if the family drives you crazy, just take a few mill and go live on an island. You can do "Red Stripe Beer" ads. Hoooorraaaaay beer! And play football on the beach in Wrangler's new 'rugged white sand look'. Favre has been getting beat up and disrespected in the press by the same people who used to say hello to him already on their knees. And this shit with the Jet girl picture? Thats bull. Women reporters should be nowhere near a football field if they can't take a little whistling and flexing. Just ask Clinton Portis if you don't believe me. The Abe Lincoln of the NFL. Honesty makes him one of best interviews in sports. "It they dogs": classic Portis quote about the Vick thing.

Now on a serious note, as a Giant fan, this game tomorrow scares the hell out of me. We cannot beat the Vikings. Always had trouble with them. And this recent dominance has all been seen through by Leslie Fraizer. All of a sudden Minnesota is playing great and they are a 'home-dome dog'. Eli plays great indoors and I feel a shootout coming. Peterson is gonna go off. Giants always lay a defensive egg when they play the best running backs in the league. He'll go for well over a 100 tomorrow. And I think Elijah is gonna pass for 3 bills. Vikings secondary is terrible. Vikings' DBs couldn't cover a bald spot. Game to me is really a toss up, but high scoring one. I think we see Tavaris in the 2nd half as the Giants D will make it an even half-dozen Qbs that they'll have had KO'd this year. JPP is looking like a young Strahan with his speed.

The Giants plane had to land today in KC because of the weather in Minnesota. Wonder if that effects anything? Perhaps tomorrow the Giants will get down early, even by double digits but then they will wake up. And when that D wakes up, thats when we will see the last of Favre on the field. Those boys are gonna come out a little cranky tomorrow because of poor sleep and a brutal flight. So here is my pick. I never play the Giants on a bet because of pessimistic nature and don't wanna be doubly pissed off if they lost a game and I lost a few hundred bucks.
                1     2    3   4     Final
NY GIANTS       3    10   14  14       41          
MINNESOTA      14     7    7   6       34  
Just a hunch. Don't put any of the kids' trust funds on my pick. I never bet on my team. No idea what the line is. May change because travel mishaps. Was Giants laying 3. Home Dome Dog. That stat doesn't mean that much anymore.  If the line stays the way it is-then lay those magic bones down. Personally I think a lot of "out of towners" influenced this game so FOX can have its coverage all over any "Favre Developements", and that huge and isolated NYC viewing market almost condemns this game to be entertaining. This will be one of those bend but don't break kind of days for the D. They may score, but they are going to get punished by a top-ranked defense who hit awfully hard.

Perry Fewell has proven to be the right man for this job as defensive coordinator, and this was another stellar move by Jerry Reese. Fewell reminds me of John Fox with his revolving defensive line. And Fox was a good one. But I think the "out of towners" who made this line (- 3) and are begging you to take the Giants. They may have this one pegged, so stay clear of this game if you plan on making a wager. Thats my advice.

Now as a fan I say LETS GO BLUE
Just win anyway possible. Get the fucking "W". Put pressure on Philly and Don King...ooops I mean Mike Vick. He went to jail 'Michael' Vick and came out 'Mike' Vick. He was sentenced to do time and took some letters out of his name. But we drew the blue print on how to stop him. And we will beat the Eagles on the 19th. Giants are legit contenders but they gotta finish the season strong. Not like last year when they quit. How great would it be to win the Super Bowl in Dallas? Nice feather in the fedora.
So there you have it...And remember God created Monday Night Football so you can get back the cash you lost on Sunday.

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