Friday, December 17, 2010

Shan Job

Sign a guy to a 5 yr/$78 mill deal a few hours after benching him on the final drive of a game in Motown. Now demote him to third string behind John Beck and new starter Rex Grossman. Toss in an announcement that you have basically benched the QB for the rest of the season to "evaluate" what you have for the future. Mix it all up in a nice sized football crazy town that is D.C. and guess what you get? A bright future of the best parking spots in town. Not because you are the coach of the 'Skins and that is deemed as a communtity perk. But because your mental-breakdown has rendered you "clinically unable to perform" and cast aside with the other trainables of society. And I as a Giant fan just sit back and thank God that Dan Snyder got into the NFL. And lets not overlook the Albert Haynesworth disaster. Somewhere Sean Taylor is thinking to himself that he was lucky to get out with less pain. Talk about a train-wreck.

Having no clue how to delegate football authority, Snyder is what Steinbrenner was doing to the Yankees of the 80's. Gotta get the hell out of the way. Best organizatons in NFL almost always have a solid trait in common: quiet ownership who have their GMs run the team. Quick fix signings and trophy hasbeens are a nice combo if you enjoy playing golf on the first Sundays of January.

I know the NFL's parody can turn you around quick, and I've probably jinxed the G-Men for the 'Skins game on the 26th ,  but thought it has to be said. The more Mike Shanahan has been coaching, the greater John Elway looks. Shanahan should go coach in college and take his son Kyle(off. coord.) with him. How does Snyder name a coach who "names" his son the Off. Coord.? Billion dollar team being run by the guy who brings his kid to work. Thats like having a waitress at a Five Star resturant be allowed to keep her baby in the kitchen while she works. Doesn't look right. Let football minds your team.

Let the Bill Parcells rumors begin.

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