Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tattoo U

"Theee" Ohio State football team is in hot water for seemingly only wanting to protect their inVESTmets. Some of the boys were caught selling athletic merchandise in exchange for some new ink. They have been suspended for 5 year! What a steep price they are paying as the the NCAA and the Big Ten sure cannot be thinkng of the shit load of cash they'd miss out on from Sugar Bowl and BCS and television obligations. I think an SMU-style inVESTigation is in order. What a slap in the face to all those student athletes who do it right. Suspending the big fish(star QB Terrelle Pryor) 8 months from now, when he will be playing on Sundays. What a disgrace. BCS...when the hell are they going to take that "C" out of there and call them out for the Bull Shit they are?

"Did not receive adequate rules education". That is the reason they WILL be allowed to play Arkansas in Katrina Country. What they are saying that somewhere between Basket Weaving 101 and The History of Table Manners in Modern Civilization, these fellas did not know that what they were doing, was wrong. But they will learn it by spring practices. But they gotta be suspended, so lets do it for Marshall and Troy State in 2011. Not the $15 million dollar Sugar Bowl. Nokia? Think thats it. Whats Nokia getting for that sponsorship? They are going to wanna see the best players battle it out, in what I actually believe will be a great football game, with America watching. But lets not pay the players.

Now I am a Miami fan and I know we haven't exactly been producing chioir boys  down in Coral Gables, but we went through our shit some years back and now are a model program. I am still a little bitter about that bullshit pass interference on 4th down that robbed us of back to back titles, (and an even half dozen over 20 seasons in the desert that night in very early 2003). Arizona has not been kind to the Canes. Vinny and Penn State. A game against Arizona in the 1994 Fiesta where the Ryan Collins led air attack could not even pass the fucking 50. 29-0 I think. Teddy Bruschi was an animal that day. And the Tressel-led heist that snapped our 34 game win streak, good enough for 5th longest ever, so I may be a touch biased toward the boys from Columbus.

We'll see what happens. What a shame. I loved college football not too long ago. Too many Bowls now. Think that they are going to have Pack-a Bowl next year in San Fran. Play it at PAC BELL or whatever the hell its called now. Everybody get stoned and come out for Garlic Fries and Exploding Popcorn Makers, for a price.

In this case, the Buckeyes dodged a huge bullet. But this school just got over that Maurice Clarrett mess and now this. Where the smoke is, so to speak, there is fire. People always were just waiting for those "Miami Thugs" to start getting that program in hot water. It came. Jimmy Johnson was better at covering that shit up than Coach Erickson or Coach Davis and even Coach Coker were. Don't be too suprised to see Coach Tressel going to the Bengals and pulling off a Pete Carrol and establishing safe haven in the pros. The NFL is like a witness protection program for coaches and the Marvin Lewis thing is not working for the Brown family in the Queen City. Thus the VEST may roll up his half sleeves and go to work for the worst organization in all of sports. Going from Ohio State to the Bengals is like going from a Rolls Royce to a wheelchair. But he can hide and who knows(someone has to fix that mess) become a decent pro coach. Great fan base and they are loud and are close to being good. So its a good fit. The big problem is the frugal ownership and the players making WAY more than Jim Tressel. The ego in sports is off the charts and this may be a tough pill to swallow, but it is potentially an epic challenge. And I think Tressel is one of the best out there and is a "Son of the State" in Ohio. He has a chance to become the biggest thing out of Cincinnati since "Family Ties" and what that crafty Alex P. Keaton had up his Republican sleeve next.

So thats my take for now. Lot of sleeve talk. Vests and sleeves. Slow time in baseball. Yanks are quiet. Which I like. No ink for the Bombers. Its all being used up right now in a Tattoo Parlor on "theee" campus of the Ohio State Buckeyes that the Coach, President, and AD knew nothing about. Trust me these guys all knew what the hell was going on. And in that cold public eye they have been branded as cheats, and this eye does not blink. If you blink you'll miss the ink. Roll up your sleeves Buckeyes and show us those damaging artistic displays.

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