Friday, December 10, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I am a sports nut. When it comes to my teams, I take this stuff seriously and therefore am very qualified to have this avenue to display my oration. Also allows me to persue entertainment and satisfy a conscience. I enjoy sports immensely, and more importantly thrive in any conversation having to do with any athletic knowledge.

This name "Two Point Tony" was born in the legendary playgrounds around the greater Hunterdon County area. A place called Lenape Park, nestled down Sergentsville Road, right off the Route 12 circle. A bunch of us were playing some hoops outside on a warm night. We split into teams. I was playing with some of my friends that were there, in particularly the dudes from Knuckle Sandwich and their posse. Knuckle Sandwich are a great group of guys, a local legendary ensemble, and pretty damn good balllers. I would just sit back and drain deep threes all day. But we always played one point or two point. Two point obviously being behind the arc. So I would hammer down a decent amount and they all started calling me "Two Point" Tony.

It's funny because I happen to be donning a recently found Knuckle Sandiwh tshirt that I have been reunited with while starting my blog. You see my recent streak of sobriety is allowing me to fit back into some of my "threads of yore." And that shirt fits me great again. So anyway, that's the legend of "Two Point" Tony. And those of you who remember playing against me are all witnesses. Kinda like LeBron. Only wouldn't have teased New York last summer. He should have wanted to "take his talents" to the Mecca of not only the world, but of course the sports world that being NYC. If you win a handful of titles in Miami you would be an alltime great player, but if you did it on Broadway just once, you would become an Immortal. Kinda like Messier. Messier hasn't had to pay for a drink in New York in 16 years. LeBron missed his chance to grace the Mount Rushmore of New York Sports Legends. What a shame.

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